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If you've had enough of band-aid solutions and empty promises, we're here to set a new standard. We're a trio with 30 years of SEO experience between us. Our digital agency has been working for multiple international clients as Philips and Randstad, furthering companies goals for global performance, and helping build the online presence. We offer you the chance to leverage our expertise to find your website's weak spots and grow your online performance.

  • Project-based reviews
    of your website's performance

    We understand that your business is like no other, and that's why our digital agency offers different service packages. They involve project-based and continuous reviews of your website's performance, with targeted solutions aimed at restoring and improving your online performance.

  • Find the real cause
    of your traffic issues

    We find the real cause of your issues, and take tangible corrective measures. We offer expert advice and invaluable support. Whether you'd like us to provide a one-off review or a regular check-up, you can only stand to gain from relying on our services.

  • Our service packages
    to improve your online performance

    Have you had your share of rubbish digital 'experts'? Save yourself the trouble, and go with the international digital marketing specialists who make realistic promises, and deliver on all of them: Digital Rescue Rangers. Our packages varies from SEO, CRO to programmatic advertising.

Digital Rescue Rangers

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  • 30 years of digital experience

  • We find the real cause of your traffic issues

  • We work for multiple international clients

  • We support on implementation

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When you experience a drop in sales or traffic with an unknown cause, contact Digital Rescue Rangers. When it comes to traffic drops, time is of the essence, and you need fast and accurate solutions for tangible results. That’s what we’re here for. On average, we find the real cause within 48 hours after we started our in-depth analysis. Here’s how a spruce-up project unfolds:To get started, we recommend that you:

  • Get in touch with your request for a review of the website.
  • Give us the details we need to carry out our research (the change you’re experiencing, timeline, products concerned, etc.).

At our end, we take these steps to get your website back on track:

  • Immediately scramble to get to the bottom of the problem, finding the root cause of the drop.
  • Within 48 hours, we present our findings, where we provide recommendations on how to restore your online traffic and suggestions on how you can increase your online performance.

When you’d like us to screen your website for errors on a monthly or quarterly basis, we ask that you:

  • Provide us access to your Analytics tool and ranking tool.
  • Grant us access to your server logs, if possible (we’ll sign your NDA for complete confidentiality).

We’ll take it from there, and we’ll undertake these measures:

  • Crawl the website to find errors using revolutionary techniques.
  • Present our findings for your consideration, explaining how each error affects you.
  • Provide our recommendations for your website’s overall performance and reach.
  • Offer you the support after implementing our changes, checking to see if they’re done correctly.

If you are looking for a way to grow your business, you need the right tools for the job. No matter your industry, you must take advantage of digital marketing and the benefits that come with it.

Our team provides skill training and training updates, and we meet your needs from the start. With skill training, we show you how to use search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and other digital marketing methods that grow your business. With training updates, we show you the latest trends to keep you ahead of the game. We can send our training team to you in any location around the globe.

The main cases where international SEO can really help boost a site’s value to its users involve sites that have strong traffic or growth potential from multiple countries where cultural and linguistic differences come into play. The risk in not having a strong international SEO strategy in place is that your website’s potential growth may never be realized.

Do you want to quickly create a beautiful website that converts well? A website with a modern design and optimally designed for Google? Then look no further than Digital Rescue Rangers. On average, we can put a new website online within 1 month, although doing this within a week is no exception.

Miranda Gahrmann at Search London

Digital Experts

We're amongst the best SEO experts in the world, and as such, we'll leave no stone unturned.

Carlijn van de Star
Carlijn van de Star
Global Search Consultant
Miranda Gahrmann
Miranda Gahrmann
Global eCommerce Consultant
Anne Rakhorst
Anne Rakhorst
Global SEO Specialist

What Our Client Says

Very knowledgable and dynamic experts in the fields of online marketing, search (SEO, SEA), social and content optimization. We worked together on multiple large scale roll outs of new product category pages where Miranda played an instrumental role in developing and executing sound SEO strategy for localization in more than 30 markets.

S. Lesnikov - Philips
Sr. Global Digital Marketing Manager

It was a pleasure working with you. I learned a lot about Google for Jobs and improved my SEO and technical skills. Thank you very much for your friendly and professional appearance!

C. Bareis - Randstad
Online marketing specialist

We enjoyed hosting you for the trainings. The feedback from both internal and external attendees has been great.

K. Obaidullah - Telenor
Head of Mobile Advertising

How We're Different

We're not here to waste any time.

  • Global SEO consultancy
    Based in the Netherlands and UAE

    Not only do we accept projects to spruce up websites in all languages, but we work with clients from all over the world. With offices in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and in the Netherlands, we understand the singularities of every culture, and the pressures of every market.

  • Had a drop in traffic
    you can't explain?

    So, if you've had a drop in traffic that you can't explain, or you'd just like a review of your current strategy, get in touch with Digital Rescue Rangers to find out what can be done to address the issues you're having. We welcome queries of any kind.

  • Satisfied business clients
    over the world

    We re-wrote the book on SEO, and that's why we get most of our business through word of mouth marketing. Rely on our services, and you'll soon be joining the ranks of hundreds of satisfied business clients the world over who recommend our services.


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