Why Choose Us

When you choose Digital Rescue Rangers, you will experience trustworthy professionals and premium digital marketing services backed by transparent pricing options. We never want you to be in the dark about how much you will owe at the completion of your project. Instead, we give you confidence about your project by telling you our pricing plans right up front.

  • Hourly rate
    125 euros per hour

    Our hourly rate is 125 euros (around AED 600) per hour, and all of our pricing plans are based on this rate. Therefore, whether you choose The Regular Checkup, the One-Off Spruce Up Project or some other customized project based on your unique needs, your rates will be based on this standard.

  • Easy reachable
    Even in evenings and over weekends

    We are always reachable throughout the project for questions and concerns. In fact, we believe that your needs are so important to the overall success of the project that you will be able to reach us in the evenings and even over the weekends. Plus, once your project is completed, you can still contact us with questions via telephone or email.

  • Values
    High quality work

    At Digital Rescue Rangers, we believe in the importance of full-service plans based on our clients’ needs as well as in the value of high quality work. Not only does your project need to be done accurately, quickly and completely, but also it needs to be performed excellently. We believe that our value comes from our attention to these two prime customer needs: service and quality.

Select Your Plan

Call or email us to learn more about our rates or to get a quote for customized services. We can help with individualized needs and projects both large and small.

7 hours per month

From SEO to Social

Per month
  • Hours spread over digital marketing activities

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Includes implementation

  • Includes monthly report

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7 hours per week

From SEO to Social, 10% discount on hours

Per Month
  • Hours spread over digital marketing activities

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Includes implementation if preferred

  • Includes weekly and monthly report

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Digital Marketing Training

From SEO to Social

Per Training
  • Either field specific or general digital marketing

  • Customized to match your needs

  • Training is 4 hours

  • Price included preparation time

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